Because you have a will, your heirs will have everything they need for a smooth estate execution. 


Your family and executors are stressed as they scramble to find and gain access to your accounts and important documents. 

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“I was helping a client whose parents were deceased. We couldn't find anything. It's very difficult. This is really paramount.”  

Individual Agent/CPA

“Once a life event happens, people get confused or emotional. If things are in a place where it's structured, it cuts through problems.”    

Asset Manager

Cingo Panelist

“Being the executor, the hardest thing was trying to figure out where all of his [her father’s] stuff was.”    

Estate execution is unexpectedly

It takes an average of 12 months and $8,500 to close an estate.

Protect your family from added expense, frustration, and stress. 

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Cingo streamlines estate execution through a powerful platform that provides secure organization, access, transparency, and guidance.

Capture Asset Location & Value 

No more searching for accounts, policies, and other assets means less stress and faster closing. 

Secure Document Organization

Bank-level encryption plus a guided set up process means everything your family needs is in one place. 

Transparent Access

Identify key stakeholders and control who has access to what information and when. 

A personalized roadmap for your executor, integrated with your accounts and documentation. 

Unique Executor Workflow

The easiest way to bridge the gap between your estate plan and its execution—reducing time, stress, and expenses for families and executors.

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Estate execution is unexpectedly

stressful difficult exhausting confusing expensive emotional stressful
stressful difficult exhausting confusing expensive emotional
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Cingo Panelist

“I like the idea of having everything organized—different things you may not have thought of."    

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